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We listen to you

Maiestas Asset Management AG begins by grounding its services in the identity and goal of its clients. We then develop an individualized strategy with its ongoing monitoring. The team at Maiestas Asset Management AG is there for you, handling the fine details, tuning your management.  Your dedicated contact within the firm will provide you with timely and continuous information.  Maiestas Asset Management AG follows a conservative approach in its investment strategy and in its way of working. In addition we are able to offer innovative elements wherever fit.  We at Maiestas Asset Management AG uphold the highest ethical rules of confidentiality, discretion and qualitative professional principles.

You determine the spectrum

Maiestas Asset Management AG sees itself as an long term individual partner for its clients. You decide the level of service you require, on which Maiestas Asset Management AG will be of service. We begin with a personal financial situation analysis, followed by proposal of  an implementation, management and control of your strategy.

Beyond asset management, we offer a range of  service: Private wealth, structuration and lifestyle.

Maiestas Asset Management AG offers its services in an "A La Carte" approach culminating in the formation of a Single Family Office for our most esteemed clients. The primary objective of Maiestas Asset Management AG is to provide a long-term approach to the management of its clients' assets and affairs, using its extensive experience to achieve optimal results in line with their best interests.

What we stand for

We at Maiestas Asset Management AG embody the tradition of built from the grounds up, dedicated, all encompassing Family Offices; offering transgenerational wealth management. 

We offer our vast experience to selected ultra high net worth individuals seeking more than an advisor for their portfolio.

We have for mission to be the lighthouse around which to build the harbor that will house, cater and nurture your family; through the management of its wealth and affairs. Established in 2000, we have a rich history marked by independence and client-centricity.




Maiestas Asset Management AG

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