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Management ranging from standard portfolio to exclusive brokerage. 

Tailored manager selection Services including in-house proprietary performance tracking.


The international team of Maiestas Asset Management AG has been working successfully in asset management and investment consulting for years. We are  experts coming from different corners of the industry. Maiestas Asset Management AG is the combination of the diversity of skills of its partnership.

Furthermore, we cooperate with longstanding independent service providers granting us freedom from conflict of interest.

As a result, Maiestas Asset Management AG works with its clients to develop investment strategies tailored to their individual expectations - in a spirit of partnership and neutrality.

At Maiestas Asset Management AG, clients are at the center of everything we do. We listen attentively, take clients' concerns seriously and offer them reliable solutions.

As a personal financial expert, Maiestas Asset Management AG acts in the best interests of its clients.


We realize clients' wishes into goals, thus  at Maiestas Asset Management AG we do not offer standardized products but design individually.



By connecting, we mean getting to know each other. It is essential that the services and products we offer are understood and transparent. We proactively listen and attentively address the necessary questions needed for a fruitful cooperation ensuring an open dialogue. A sustainable cooperation in investment and wealth matters requires professional knowledge and trust in the integrity of the designated financial service provider. Our process begins with an informal in person meeting, during which we take great pleasure in getting to personally know our interlocutor. During this open and confidential dialogue, we pay special attention to identifying your wishes, ideas, needs and expectations and compare them with our philosophy and scope of services.



Successful cooperation is the result of the whole satisfaction of all involved parties. In other words, the more in depth the initial open conversation, the more sustainable the relationship will become. Cooperating with us also means defining together the framework for tax and legal aspects of asset structuring. Maiestas Asset Management AG maintains a broad network consisting of auditors, tax advisors, law firms, fund management companies, banks and trust companies. Our cooperation with you includes the involvement of this long trusted third parties for the utmost quality of service delivered.


Customizing / Profiling

To enable a sustainable cooperation, Maiestas Asset Management AG is committed to gaining detailed knowledge about its clients professional and personal lives. Thus, it attaches great importance to the principles of "Know Your Customer". In accordance with the legal provisions in the Money Laundering and Investor Protection Directive, the advisors of Maiestas Asset Management AG prepare the client dossier, with regard to all relevant information on their mandates, as well as, the related assets. Within the elaboration of the investment goal of our clients resulting in a policy, we identify the unique objectives and client-specific restrictions, allowing us to uncover your personal investment horizon. During this process, we will classify our client (Private Client, Professional Client or Institutional Client) following our legal obligation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) by carrying out the appropriateness and suitability test. A personalized risk profile is at the heart of our cooperation with you. In order to determine the constellation between return, risk within your investment horizon, we structure our relationship with elements of profiling.



As an asset manager, Maiestas Asset Management AG receives from its clients a third-party management authority, limited in terms of content, on the basis of which it can execute stock exchange transactions on its clients' custodian bank account, within the framework of the agreed investment strategy. We will select and advise on a custodian bank following the client specificities. As an asset manager, Maiestas Asset Management AG maintains numerous relationships with reputable banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany. These make their platforms available both to commercially oriented clients - for the execution of their international payments, the purpose of accumulating their trading income - and to private clients for the purpose of housing their assets. Our esteemed clients, enjoy an attractive relationship with the banks cooperating with Maiestas Asset Management AG (negotiated cost, dedicated managers…). Following onboarding of our client in their advised custody bank, Maiestas Asset Management AG builds in cooperation with you, a preferred fee model ensuring your satisfaction.



The core of the cooperation between Maiestas Asset Management and its clients is a MiFID-compliant investment advisory or asset management agreement. This document is populated with information on risk/investor profile, client segmentation, business profile, fees and investment guidelines. The content of the documentation is based on your investment objective and policy, which derived from your investment horizon forms your strategic and tactical asset allocation. With the mutual signature of all parties involved in the investment or asset management contract, all prerequisites for a sustainable cooperation are thus fulfilled.Thereafter, periodic reporting and strategic discussion takes place, as well as regular relationship conformity checks, safekeeping the quality of the engagement.



Maiestas Asset Management AG

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